Voice-over Talent

Our voice-over talent roster is nothing but the very best. After all, we’ve been providing voice performers for over twenty-five years! We carefully select the very best demos from hundreds of voice demos that we receive each year, expanding on a roster filled with the most professional and experienced voice performers in the industry.

Our roster is chock full of only experienced professionals who are both union, non-union, male and female. From children, to generation whatever-it-is-this-week, to seasoned, mature voice actors, our voice-over talent roster delivers each and every time, and fast. Our experienced casting staff and free auditions will help you to find the right voice for your project quickly, and our producers will help you get just the right read and delivery. From web ads, narrations, radio and TV commercials, to on-hold message recordings, theme park announcements, and more, Earworks is there for you with only the very best voice-over talent. Twenty-five years is a long time, and we’ve got this down.