Voice-over Services

Your search for perfect voice-over services has ended. Whether you’re in the market for radio or television spots, web projects, government or corporate video or any project that requires a great voice to tell the story, Earworks will help you get the best voice-over professional. Our staff works directly with you to cast just the right voice from our extensive nationwide pool of voice-over professionals. We hand pick our voice talent to make sure you get the most professional, directable, relatable voice-over for your production.

Voice-over Auditions

Earworks provides voice-over auditions of your script at no cost. That’s right, absolutely free. Just click on the free auditions button to get started. There’s no risk, and it won’t cost you a thing to give us a try. Additionally, at Earworks, you always get an experienced casting director to help you find just the right voiceover professional for your project. A simple click on the Free Audition button will get you started. No cost, and no risk to try us! Request a free audition!

Voice-over Talent

As a voice-over studio, we offer only the best in the business. You won’t find rookie voice-over talent here. Our union and non-union voice-over professionals have extensive experience in commercials, movies, television and web media. We don’t make you go it alone. Our casting staff knows our talent roster inside and out, and with your direction, will steer you to the voice talent that knows how to nail it, every time. Browse our voice over talent gallery

Voice Talent Submission

Clients come to us because of the exceptional voice-over talent on our roster. These individuals posses three essential qualities: experience, professionalism, and, of course, a great voice. If this describes you and you’d like to audition for us, please contact us and send us your demo. Fresh new voice talent professionals are always welcome. Apply today.