Diane 034

Warm, Real, Friendly, Sexy. IVR/On-hold, Narrations, Commercials.

Diane 034 has over 20 years in the biz, and has been heard on many IVR, TTS, industrial, commercial and other projects. She's the system voice for OnStar, and the IVR voice of Ally Bank, Frigidaire, Sallie Mae, Asurion, the Intercontinental Hotel Group, and Lowe's, just to name a few. So if your car breaks down, or you need to pay a bill, get a student loan, make a reservation, get your fridge repaired, or have lost your cellphone – chances are you’ll have to talk to her! Diane is also the In-flight entertainment voice for Air Canada. From smooth and sexy, approachable and friendly, to clear and professional, Diane can deliver the voice you need to reach your customers and your listeners!

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Diane 034

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