Cris 025


Friendly, smooth announcer, narrator

Voice talent? What do you expect from a guy with a Master's in Vocal Performance? Earworks Voice Talent Cris 025 started in 1988, working in radio, and moved into voiceover work in 1993. His wide range allows him to voice commercials, tags, teasers, and trailers, to narrations, characters, corporates and industrials for clients like, Old Spice, Proctor & Gamble, The UPS Store, Duracell, DirecTV, Dean Koontz, NASA, Jack in the Box, Suzuki, Qualcomm, cable companies, car companies, hospitals and many more. In his 'spare time' Cris keeps himself occupied by performing (piano/vocals/acting), music direction for live and studio projects, and providing private training for singers and actors. Cris 025.

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Cris 025