ADR (Automated Dialog Replacement)

If you have to explain what ADR is to your local studio, then you might consider picking up the phone and calling Earworks. Automated Dialogue Replacement, also called Additional Dialogue Recording or Dubbing, is a recording process that requires real experience. Why, one might ask, is a studio far from Hollywood, experienced in ADR?

Some of it has to do with all the audio post-production we do for The Discovery Channel, but most of it happens because famous actors and actresses like to come to this area for vacation, and they frequently need to cut in some clean dialogue. That’s where Earworks comes in. Our experienced audio engineers know how to do ADR, and know what the film production company’s technical needs are, and how they need it delivered. It’s not magic, but it does require skill and experience, both of which we have (and it can be magical).

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ADR (Automated Dialog Replacement)

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