Audio Production

From our humble beginnings as an audio recording studio way back in 1989, audio is where we made our mark. Even after twenty-five years, it continues to be our passion, and we continually work to raise the bar.

We’ve produced thousands and thousands of audio projects, radio spots, TV spots and web ads. We’ve also produced narrations for corporate and government businesses, episodic television voice over, audio post production and custom music for over 1,250 hours of national cable television dramas, documentaries, reality shows, jingles, forensic audio, on-hold messaging, automated dialogue replacement (ADR) and Foley for movies, as well as TV and film underscores.

Anyone can push buttons, but it’s the creative talent of our audio production company that make it all happen. We’ll take your script, give it our experienced, creative two cents, and make it even better than you imagined. With our producers’ expert voice talent direction, creative editing, mixing and post-production combined with our most talented voice-over professionals, we will deliver your best, most persuasive, completed project. We like playing with sound. It’s our first love and the honeymoon isn’t over.

Radio Commercial Production

Phone On-Hold & IVR

Forensic Audio

Audio Post Production

ADR (Automated Dialog Replacement)

Custom Music


We could say our audio producers and mixers know every trick of the trade, but they don’t dabble in tricks. Simply put, they have skills. Their creative skills are required to deliver superior audio production. Our crew, quite simply, knows the drill in audio production.

Service & Support

We don’t make you go it alone. At Earworks audio recording studio, you always get an experienced casting director to help you find just the right voice-over talent for your project. We do all the scheduling, paper pushing, script prep, etc., so you don’t have to. Even better, we are real human beings, the kind that get great satisfaction from helping people. Call it old fashioned. We call it service!