Larry 024

Very versatile narrator, announcer, characters

NEW TALENT! Earworks Voice Talent Larry 024 has been a working pro for over 15 years.  He's been heard nationally, regionally and locally on TV, Radio, video games, animation and website series.  He's most known for his Morgan Freeman-esque storyteller sound and for having the ability to create “real” sounding characters. Larry can be heard as a voicematch for Jeff Bridges for the movie R.I.P.D. and Morgan Freeman in Oblivion and The Lego Movie.  He is the voice of the hit TV show Border Wars on Nat Geo.  His voices and styles have been heard on campaigns and spots for clients like Yahoo, ABC TV, Nature Valley Granola, NFL Network, McDonalds, FOX, Discovery Channel, Six Flags, Comedy Central, Eckrich Sausage, VH1, MLB Network,  Bud Light. ESPN and Lionsgate Films, National Geographic Channel among many, many others.  He also does sound-a-like voices in the style of Barry White and Sam Elliott.  Larry does narration for non broadcast pieces, documentaries, movie trailers and TV promo. Versatile doesn't even begin to cover it  Larry 024

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Larry 024

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