Kelly 014

Versatile - Fun, friendly, young, hip, sexy, reassuring. Teens to mid 40s

Kelly has been a professional voice over talent for just over 10 years. You've heard her on radio and television throughout the USA, the voicemail/IVR systems of corporations, on your child's mobile apps, audiobooks, and a variety of internet and explainer videos. Remember that cool babysitter…the one you loved and your parents trusted? Or how about your BFF…always there with good advice, steering you in the right direction? Whether she's teaching a 4-year-old the ABC’s or a college student the latest and greatest software, gossiping with the girls about the coolest new trends, or giving you the lowdown on what to expect from your upcoming surgery, Kelly's voice conveys a casual confidence. Great for commercial VOs, narrations, radio spots, tv spots, documentaries, cartoon characters, internet ads, ivr, on hold, promos, audio books, and more. Call Earworks today at 757-490-9322 to book Kelly for your next project! More demos available upon request.

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Kelly 014

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