JoEllen 116

Sweet to sultry, soft-spoken to dramatic. Characters, accents.

JoEllen knew she was going to have a career behind a microphone from the time she was in middle school reading the morning announcements over the loudspeaker. When she landed her first gig, it was a dream come true. Since then, JoEllen has worked for hundreds of clients in thousands of voice-overs, narrations and training programs for clients such as McDonalds, Disney, Fisher Price, Tide, Volkswagen. Anheiser-Busch, Diet Coke, Victoria’s Secret, Walmart, Value City, Kohl’s and the United States Air Force. In addition to commercial work, JoEllen’s voice has been featured in video games, on-hold messages, toys, museum exhibits, point of sale displays, animation and films. She was a 2014 nominee for the Society of Voice Arts & Sciences Voice Arts Awards for Outstanding Local Radio Commercial She has performed VOs in numerous Telly award winning, AVA Digital Award winning and Communicator Award winning TV productions.

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JoEllen 116

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