Grant 016

Young. Cool. Guy’s Guy. Comical. Sarcastic. Trusting. 25-45

In his own words, Grant 016 has "a rich tone and stand-out powdery texture." That voice can mutate to anything between a “Laid-Back Conversational Real Person” and a “Super-Amped Kid’s Show Promo Announcer.” If you need a Soft Sell, Friendly, Comforting, Sexy, Gritty, Inspirational, Young Dad, Dopey Husband, Cheesy Game Show Announcer, Superhero, Hard Sell Retail, and a ton of Zany Characters, get Grant. Amp him up, tone him down, and dial up the exact results you want. Grant 016 is an easy-going, total professional with years of experience voicing Primetime TV Commercials, tons of Radio Spots, Narrations, Network Promos, popular Animation Series, and top-selling Video Games and Interactive Toys.

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Grant 016

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