Brian 083

Spanish & English, non-accented or accented. Friendly & personable.

Earworks Voice Talent Brian 083 is a native Spanish/English, bilingual voiceover actor with no accent in either language, but can infuse his neutral Latin American Spanish with a slight Mexican accent, and can add a Mexican or Neutral Latin American accent when speaking English. Brian describes his voice as warm, rich, reassuring, professional, upbeat, and inviting. He can sound kind and empathetic, childlike and whimsical; professional, serious and formal for more informational reads; and enthusiastic and convincing for commercial reads. Recent clients include McDonald's, Smithsonian Institution - African American Museum, Expedia, PBS, Schlotzsky's, L'Oréal, Albuquerque Museum of Art & History, and more. Brian 083 More demos available upon request.

Voice Over Demos


Brian 083

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