Albert 025

Warm, fun, upbeat and conversational guy next door

Best known as a warm, fun, upbeat and conversational guy next door, Earworks Voice Talent Albert 025 can also deliver the intelligent and insightful industrial corporate videos, amazing comedy characters, funny off-the-wall people, mobile apps and sizzle reels; not to mention, the warm, smooth, and inviting sexy leading man. Accents are far and wide-ranging!  Australian, British, a wide range of North American accents (Southern, New York, Midwest, Boston, New England, West Coast, Canada).  Accents from Asia and Europe are also available (Japanese, Chinese, French, Italian, Eastern European dialects!) He also has LOTS of character voices as well.  From the over-the-top announcer, to the crusty old man, to the oddball cartoon side-kick, Blackbeard and his parrot, dead-on impersonations of Jerry Seinfeld and Patrick Warburton, the sumo wrestler and sensei coach, the jovial fat man, and the silly country yokel.  Clients include: Nike, Walmart, Nissan, Southwest Airlines, Honda, Powerade, Mattel, XBox, ABC, and many others.  

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Albert 025

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