Everybody loves a slap on the back and an “attaboy.” We’re no different. In our twenty-five years of business, we are thankful to have received our share. Here are a few to whet your whistle.

Man you're quick! Thanks! Speaking of producing well, did you hear our spots won two Silver Microphone awards? You guys are amazing.


Very, very nice. Almost brought a tear to my eye, which is what we're exactly looking for. Great job (as usual).


You folks always do awesome work. It's nice when the creatives take this lowly old account slug's advice and go with the pro's.


Guess what, we are a winning team! The radio and TV spots won local Addy awards. Our agency is pumped! Since we obviously we have a winning thing going with ya'll, we would love to use you again. Thanks for all your hard work and good voices.


Thanks for the auditions. Some really good folks in there! This is a great service!!!


Just wanted to say that Earworks did a FANTASTIC job! Couldn't be happier. Thanks.


I gotta tell ya........this is a great spot. Voice is great, delivery superb!


Goood morning (uh… it is morning, isn't it?) I just wanted you to know that all of you guys, as usual, are so great to work with. Thanks again for everything you guys did for us.


It was great working with you guys - I think the spots turned out really well.


Damn, you are the man!! Great job. I really like it. I like the type treatment and the way you handled that whole MC spot. I like the treatment with the doctors. I like the flashes to the B roll stuff. You made this spot, dude.


It was a joy working with you, such fun. Our folks are thrilled with the final product and it was so easy to pull together. You guys are real PROS! I certainly hope we can do it again soon.


Well, you guys did it again. Great work. Both spots are terrific and Desi is laugh-out-loud good. It's everything I was hearing when I wrote it -- and more. Heck, even the client's happy! Thanks a ton!


Please remember why I'm having such a good time -- it's because I'm working with you guys. Honest. At Earworks, my ideas not only come to life, they get plussed with great talent and outstanding production. Your "can do" culture makes even tricky stuff a breeze -- instead of hearing "Gee, I don't think we can do that." I hear "Sure! How soon do you need it?" And that's truly refreshing. I always get more than I expected, and I have a lot of fun in the process. Why would I work anyplace else? I love your recipe -- don't you go changin'.


"Initially, we brought our radio campaign to Earworks because of the high production value that is arguably obvious from hearing their reel. Good radio needs to be tight and crisp to bring a script to life. It takes an engineer who's not afraid to press all the right buttons with talent as well as the mixing board. I found all of this at Earworks in full measure. And then you have to consider the enormous and impressive talent pool that exists in the market. These players can do anything you require. Obviously, the radio gods got together one day and decided to do something special in Virginia Beach."


Again, nice job on these spots! I spoke with the client yesterday...in his words, "we're getting MUCH better stuff from you guys than we did from the agency!"


Listened to the new spot and think it is fantastic. Also played it for the Sales Mgr and Sales Rep. They also were impressed. I can't wait for it to start airing on Monday!


Also, that was the fastest spot in client history to get approved. Thanks!


They sound great. I especially like the music behind the TV spot. VERY nice! Thanks for your genius and talent.


Thanks for a great job on short notice on the TV and radio. You da man!


Thanks to the superior production skills of Earworks staff, great voice talent and a stellar script, the client has approved both radio spots!


This is outstanding. You are so very talented. I really appreciate your collaborative efforts with Cindy and Mike to come up with this excellent open. It will take the shows to an entirely new level of creativity.


Thanks for the coffee mug and fortune cookie. Your group does fantastic work and the turn around is great. Also, I'm starting to admire the crafty way your company stays in front of us......maybe you could share some pages out of your marketing book with us some time. I thought you might want to share it with your staff and tell them how important voice talent was to this project. Everyone involved did a fantastic job!


"I always knew that the spots Earworks produces for us sound great. But after ditching those tin cans and slapping in my new Labtec pulse 350 three-speaker system, I am more convinced than ever that I will never work with anyone else."


"Earworks really works! They offer an incredible choice of voice talent and provide excellent creative input along the way. Their production skills and sound design are impeccable. They're also very accommodating and easy to work with. As if that's not enough, Earwork's prices are pleasantly affordable. (And no, they didn't pay me to write this glowing description.) Even though the advertising agency I work for is based in Florida, we've been going outside the market and using Earworks for the past three years for a variety of different radio production projects. If you're looking for consistently great results, I suggest you call them."


Thanks for everything. You guys do a great job over there. Next time, I have to find an excuse to be there so I get a trip to Virginia Beach.


You are unbelievable. They sound marvelous! Thanks for your incredible talent, patience and understanding. wooooooooooooo hooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!


I also wanted to thank you and your team again for your fast turnaround last week - you really saved a lot of people's bacon and we appreciate it!


The mix sounds great! As usual, you guys come through in the clutch. Thanks for all of your help and quick turnaround.


Everything with the spots has been great. The response we got was very positive, people loved the sound and feel of the spot. I hope to do more in the future and it was really fun working with you and your team, give them all my best.


Again thanks for another great Ear Works experience!!


You are the man!! Theeee man. Option Click is the heat. Thanks.


Oh, I forgot to tell you guys. The spots you did for us won Gold Addys. The entire campaign, both TV and radio, won a Gold Addy, too. The State Fair stuff won silvers. Thanks for everything. You're my new heroes.


The video has received rave reviews from everyone. Thanks again for all your help and hard work. We couldn't do it without you!


Please thank everyone at Earworks again for all their hard work and dedication. You guys are great! I only wish I would have found you sooner. Maybe you could market the Earworks Health Plan! Fewer stress lines. Reduced chances of gray hair.


It's always great working with you guys. Fantastic job on the spot.


I don't know if you've ever spoken with the folks at Earworks before. But if you haven't, I would highly recommend it. A fellow producer recommended them to me, and they've been incredible to work with. They're a full-service audio production group based in Virginia Beach. They really are a great outfit.


So, needless to say, the campaign is a huge hit thus far. Thanks for pulling it together so quickly. You guys did a great job! Thanks again and great work!!!


The spots are great! Thanks to you ALL for sticking it out and pushing each other to get where we are! Great work and it was fun, too!


Very good! These are both creative and very funny! The song one is hysterical!


OK, we got a go from PA and District on all 4! Tell your crew nice job...


Great suggestions on the voices for the clean air commercials today! All talent was pitch perfect! Jim, as always, was tremendous - he got the right read out of all the talent. Thank you all for making my job such a pleasure, infinitely much easier and tons less stressful.


Just letting you know how well the session went. Please tell the talent and Al that they were a pleasure to work with, understanding the direction I was
looking for and making it happen.


Just a quick note to thank you, Jim, Cheri and the great talent on the Wisconsin Dells "Trading Vacations" spot. It was well-received by everyone here--including the client. It really did turn out nice. Again, thanks for all the effort and the quick turnaround time.


Just another note of THANKS for the great work at pulling this together today. My best to Shay, and to Bob for being so quick and patient... all at the same time.


I just wanted to let you know ... I've been working with Earworks off and on for 8 years or so now, and every time I call to schedule talent, I know Earworks is going to hustle, recommend the right voice, and make my life easy trying to get a schedule together. That's impeccable service. You make me look good, and that's a good thing!


Thanks to all of you for pulling a rabbit out of a hat. These spots turned out unbelievably good, as if we didn't do them with severe time limitations and endless talent decisions.


All I can say is...I'm impressed everytime I work with you guys. Toyota Truck & SUV month is a pretty intense and exciting time for us, with a huge volume of creative to be done in a very short period of time. You guys were really there for us this year! From casting to accounting, everyone seems to know their stuff. Always a pleasure!


Man you're quick! Thanks!


Many thanks for your great work!


It's fun working with you guys!


Thank you so much for your help on this project. The spot is GREAT!!


Thanks for all the hard work! We absolutely love everything, and I'm sure the client will, too. The music on "Idea" and "Pour it On" is an especially nice touch. Thanks again!


I must say that within your industry you literally rock. It is refreshing to see that vendors still care about their business relationships and that a good old visit and dinner are a not a courtesy of the past. The fact that Earworks makes it a point to go out of their way to give the right attention, treatment and foresight to our business relationship leaves a lot of good things to be said. Once again I thank you and Earworks for the great customer service and I look forward to doing more business with you. One last word: WOW!


Everything with the spots has been great. The response we got was very positive, people loved the sound and feel of the spot. I hope to do more in the future and it was really fun working with you and your team, give them all my best.


Wow!! This rocks...Thanks guys for all you do!! This is a big kudoo for the brag book!! I am inspired now to create better concepts to take full advantage of your skills and talent.


Okay, you did such a good job, we'd like to do it again.


Well, you guys did it again. Great work. Both spots are terrific and Desi is laugh-out-loud good. It's everything I was hearing when I wrote it -- and more. Heck, even the client's happy! Thanks a ton!


GREAT SESSIONS! Talent was great, Al was his usual patient and skillful self. Great studio sessions, as usual.


Just wanted to thank you guys - fabulous job on the radio. Jim is the bomb for being able to make those changes. Client is pleased - thank you!!


Things went great today!!! First class ops all the way around. Just wanted to say thanks to you and your crew! A very pleasurable experience all the way around. Now I know why 4 out of 5 dentists recommend you.


You guys did a great job. Thanks for the hard work and the wonderful music. I look forward to working with you again very soon.


I like the jingle. Makes me want to go out and have a margarita and chips! I enjoy working with your company. You are very good at customer service,
listening and delivering on time! I'll always include you when we have opportunities.


I'd like to compliment Jim and Bob on a great job. Not only did they take the time to get what we were looking for, but they provided a really pleasurable experience - a total kick to work with. As you know, especially on a long session, it can get pretty f'd up if the chemistry ain't there.


Very, very nice. Almost brought a tear to my eye, which is what we're looking for. Great job (as usual).


Tim wanted me to pass along a real big “THANKS” for all you did in producing this spot!! As Always a BIG THANK YOU from me!!


They are making me laugh! I sent them on to the Creative Director. Thanks!


My goodness, such prompt service. I'm going to like this set up. The spot is perfect. Thanks for all your hard work, expertise, and suggestions.


The First National Bank spots are approved and we have a happy client! Yay! Thank you for your hard work on these. Thanks!


Where have you been all my life?! Wow! What a nice experience today's session was. I can't remember one that went better or was more fun. The talent was great and Al did a terrific job on the recording and mixing. The spots are everything I wanted -- and more! It's a pleasure to work with pros! Next time I do radio, you're the first (and only) call I'm going to make. Thanks again.


Great session today. Spot is wonderful!! Talent was great -- They added some subtle bits really made a difference. Jim did a super job (how do you find such good people?) and we met the outrageous "same day delivery" schedule. Thanks a ton for making all this happen. Thanks again!


Thanks for making my script sound so good.


Excellent! Sometimes L.A. voices can get overused! Many thanks again!


It is not often that you get to work with a company who has a similar demand for quality regardless of budget constraints. I truly enjoy working with all members of your team. I hope we can continue to work together for many years to come. With Earworks, I have never been disappointed with the results... always done and done right! We are working on building a great team for TV production, the GH spot was a good start. The client was very pleased with the result. Thanks Again!


It was an absolute delight working with you, Al and the various talented people yesterday. Thank you both for you professionalism. I look forward to the next opportunity to mix it up with ya'll.


Working with Earworks was not only painless, but fun. Rick and Charlie were outstanding. Thanks again, and please pass on our gratitude to all involved.


The client is happy and I'm pretty pleased, too. Thanks for all your help and I'm sure we'll be working together again very soon.


Just wanted to thank you guys - fabulous job on the radio. Jim is the bomb for being able to make those changes. Client is pleased - thank you!!


Thanks As Always!! You Guys & Girls Are the Best!!


Just you're daily reminder that you're awesome. Thanks again for everything Ravenswood.


Thank you so much for responding so quickly for us today. And knowing when to "hold on" while we worked out things on our end. Earworks really pulled through for Liberty today. As someone who has been with (another production company) for more than 9 years, you have really showed that not only can you deliver, but can surpass. Thanks for everything!


We love working with Earworks and appreciate EVERYTHING you guys do to make our jobs easier! Thanks!


I really appreciate your diligence and patience with this job! It turned out great, as always. Thanks again.


I think your mixes sound great. I appreciate your hard work, and that you are continuing with the "general" spot. As you must know, clients don't always do what they say, and they forget. I'm sure this project will be a success. Thanks, in large part, to your hard work and diligence.


These are perfect! Thank you and your team so much for turning this around so quickly. We will definitely keep you in mind for future projects. Thank you again.


The files sound great! It was nice working with you on this project. Thanks for your professionalism.


Hello, Allen. It was a very smooth session thanks to you. I downloaded the audio files. Thanks so very much.


Genius. I love it. Thank you. As always.