So, you want to be a Voice-Over talent? Read on: Part 2 – The Audition

When people see the word, Audition, they think of an empty theatre except for a producer with a fat cigar, a director, and minions screaming, “Next!”  Then, they take turns telling you how bad you are, and you’ll never work in the big time, and don’t quit your day job!

Well, that’s not how it’s done in Voice-over Land.

We simply ask you to audition in your own home studio, and send it to us.  We forward our voice talent in one neat folder to agencies.

They listen.  They pick.  No yelling. No cigars.

But, what are they looking for?  How do you read this script?

The audition request usually contains enough ‘character’ description to give some direction to talent.  The type of character they want.  Male.  Female.  The age range.  How much energy and emotion to add.

Your goal as a voice actor is to take that information, and give it your best shot.  Come close to the specifications (specs) as you can.  Ultimately, you are talking to one person about this information.  Talents, that get hired more often, sound like they aren’t reading at all.  They deliver the script naturally.  Conversationally.

The script itself will give you a clue to the reading style.  You can’t promote a heart hospital and a kid’s action figure with the same delivery.  The best way is to not ‘read’ but ‘say’ the script.  This will either be second nature or come with experience.


To be continued.

By: Earworks Media

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